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Since the young Norwegian Magnus Carlsen brought the world title to Western Europe last year, chess in Germany has experienced a real heyday, comparable with the period that followed American Robert James Fischer winning the World Championship of 1972 in Reykjavik. During a promotional tour after the World Cup, Carlsen met with, among other major businessmen, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, who enjoyed basking in the limelight of the star.

Chess is consistently filled with positive qualities. At Grandmaster level, the skills of strategic vision, tactical acumen and decision making on the basis of analytical precision are essential. Not to be underestimated is the noble image of the royal game, the rules of which are known worldwide by some one billion people. At present, these facts appear reinforced in the public eye. Surely it is no coincidence that banks and insurance companies draw attention to themselves through advertising with chess motifs and chess slogans.

Just as currently Carlsen is superior to his competition on an international level, this is the case of Arkadij Naiditsch, at the national level in Germany.

As of 2005, Naiditsch is the undisputed Number One in Germany and is expected to maintain this status for a long time. Both in individual and team competitions, he has already won everything there is to win in Europe. One such highlight was the sensational victory at the Dortmund Chess meeting of 2005, where he challenged and overcame the assembled elite. A further highlight was the victory of the European Team Championship in 2011, as the leader of the German team, which was set merely at Number 7.

On December 2013, he achieved his best ever Elo-rated score of 2737, placing 18th in the world ranking list.

To progress one step forward, internationally, and to be the first German player, for decades, able to contend in the fight for the crown, it is vital to build a team of sponsors.

In particular, it is essential today in top-level chess to employ secondary assistants to be able to compete without a competitive disadvantage against the other top players. Since the structures are designed more for popular sports in Germany, it is necessary to implement the support of sponsors.

What are your incentives for such a commitment?

Is there anything more effective for a company to be perceived as an outstanding brand than to be associated with the positive image of the royal game and by far the strongest and most successful German chess player?

There are realistic opportunities that, with your support, the international career of the German Number One will attain its decisive breakthrough. Since one can be involved in top level chess at least until the age of 40, there are at least twelve years of success to be anticipated.

We offer you the corresponding advertising platform to establish your brand as an industry leader. Become a champion through collaboration with Arkadij Naiditsch! Increase your brand exposure by advertising on our website, in social networks and through performances by the long-term best chess player of our country, for the national team, at both official team and individual tournaments and fairs with your logo.

This year for example, Naiditsch will play at the Blitz and Rapid Chess World Championship in Dubai (June15-21), at a Grandmaster tournament in Dan Zhou (June 22- July 5), at the Tromso Olympiad (August 1-16) and in the most high profile German invitational tournament in Dortmund (July 10-20) and could draw attention to your corporate identity with your logo presented at these prestigious events where he will be in contact with important people in public life.

Of course, it is also possible to engage Naiditsch for simultaneous exhibitions, lectures, or blind simultaneous events, instead of a sponsorship. Consider for example a match of five board-selected members of your company facing the challenge of playing in a time-restricted blind simultaneous game against him, thereby convincing them of his championship stature.

Please contact us and we will find the ideal venue for the maximum benefit of both sides.