Arkadij Naiditsch
Arkadij Naiditsch vs Magnus Carlsen

GRENKE Rd3: Naiditsch beats Carlsen, again!

by Alejandro Ramirez

2/4/2015 – A big day in Baden-Baden as the standings changed dramatically. Magnus Carlsen went a little haywire against Arkadij Naiditsch, sacrificing a piece and then losing an endgame where he usually would have tried to push for a win. This is the German's second victory against Carlsen in a row. Aronian and Baramidze collapsed against Caruana and Adams. Round three report.

An exciting round in Baden-Baden, though one that was strange to say the least. The highlight is clearly Carlsen's loss against Naiditsch, which came with a number of surprises. First was the fact that the World Champion sacrificed a piece for no compensation, and that despite the fact that he outplayed Naiditsch after that he misplayed the endgame horribly. Only half a year after the Tromso Olympiad Arkadij Naiditsch is able to defeat the number one player in the World... again!

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Arkadij Naiditsch wins another trophy in Switzerland

January 6, 2015. — German Grandmaster Arkadij Naiditsch continued to impress in the mini-Swiss tour as he won a second trophy, this time at the Basel Chess Festival. Last week Naiditsch won another very strong tournament – the Zurich Christmas Open.

Naiditsch repeated the feat achieved by Polish GM Radoslaw Wojtaszek last year. The Basel Chess Festival 2015 was held on 1-5th January 2014 at Hilton Hotel in Basel, Switzerland. The Festival was organized by Der Verein Schachfestival Basel.

The Master Section was a 7-round Swiss event with 80 participants. Arkadij Naiditsch, Alexander Donchenko, Matthias Dann (all Germany), Eduardo Iturrizaga (Venezuela) and Milos Pavlovic (Serbia) shared the first place with 5,5 points each. Naiditsch took the trophy on best tie-break score.

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Arkadij Naiditsch wins 38th Zurich Christmas Open

Arkadij Naiditch

December 30th, 2014. — The 38th Zurich Christmas Open was held on 26-30th December, 2014, at the Crowne Plaza Zürich in Zurich, Switzerland.

The Master Tournament was a 7-round of Swiss event, open to all players rated above 2000. German Olympic leader GM Arkadij Naiditsch (2731) emerged a clear winner with 6.5/7 points and took the first prize in the amount of CHF 3.000.

Naiditsch drew only against GM Christian Bauer and defeated all the other rivals, including his last-round opponent, Bulgarian champion GM Kiril Georgiev. GM Laszlo Gonda finished on second place with 6/7, leaving the nearest followers half a point behind.

IM Ringdal Torbjørn Hansen, GM Georg Meier and GM Richard Rapport tied for the third with 5.5 points each, but Hansen prevailed on a superior tie-break score and took the bronze.

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Grenke Chess Classic 2014

GRENKE Chess Classic Baden-Baden
6th-12th September 2014

For the first time organized the Ooser Chess Club 1922 eV, sponsored by the GRENKELEASING AG and supported by the German Chess Federation eV, a grandmaster tournament with the leading German top players. Thus, the long-term goal of regular competitions is forced to the highest level for the German top in Baden-Baden in the form of further, as the players want it for years.

In the spring of 2013, the three leading German grandmaster played in a Super Grandmaster tournament with three world-class players in the first GRENKE Chess Classic. For 2015, the next super tournament is planned with world class players.

During this year's edition, two places among the English players are playing for the top tournament. In addition, a prize fund of 20,750 euros, of which 7,000 euros for the winner, awarded. The other prizes amount to 5,000, 3,000, 2,000, 1,500, 1,000, 750 and 500 euros.

The participants (ELO Stand: 01.09.2014 - Category 15):
  • GM Arkady Naiditsch (2715; OSG Baden-Baden)
  • GM Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu (2672; OSG Baden-Baden)
  • GM Georg Meier (2652, OSG Baden-Baden)
  • GM Daniel Fridman (2633; SV Mülheim-Nord)
  • GM David Baramidze ( 2599; SV Hockenheim)
  • GM Philipp Schlosser (2582, OSG Baden-Baden)
  • IN Matthias Blübaum (2521, SV Werder Bremen)
  • IM Dennis Wagner (2499; SV Hockenheim)

The Baden-Baden local hero and leading German player Arkady Naiditsch and Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu, Georg Meier, Daniel Fridman and David Baramidze is the complete national team, which has represented the German colors at the Chess Olympiad in Norway a few days ago, at the start. Arkady Naiditsch defeated Norway in the reigning world champion and world number one Magnus Carlsen. Philipp Schlosser, team leader of the women's national team, representing the host. The youth player Matthias Blübaum and Dennis Wagner sent the German Chess Federation. Both currently make a chess year.

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Chess Olympiad Norway 2014

Arkadij Naiditsch vs Magnus Carslen

Round 7: No day to be favorite...

The next sensation was the shaky collapse of World Champion Magnus Carlsen. Locals were glued to their TV sets in confused horror as their hero, playing White against German first board Arkadij Naiditsch, began gradually turning a clear advantage into a situation of real danger. The Norwegian's normally fearsome technique was absent, and it was clear at the end of the first session that he would need all his vaunted technical skills to avoid defeat. All the other games in the match were drawn, and Naiditsch clinched the match for Germany.

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